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Detective Chris Shermer, Missoula County Attorney, University of Montana, Missoula County, Missoula Police, Ravalli County and many others in the Bill Windsor case have BROKE THE LAW. They have violated Civil Rights, Lied on sworn Documents, Failed to Protect the Public and used positions of power to SUPPRESS speech, jail a whistleblower, harass a journalist, and try and JAIL an anti-corruption Film Producer. You will all Face hundreds of MILLIONS in Civil suits and hopefully some jail time yourselves.

Criminal and Civil RICO Complaints will be filed, Attorney General Complaints will be filed, Civil and Human Rights lawsuits will be filed, and the TRUTH will be BOLDLY Lit.

Keep in mind that Judge James Haynes knew Sean Boushie was dangerous, and knew Sean Boushie threatened to KILL me, Crystal Cox years ago. These same parties persecuted me, the victim and aided and abetted Sean Boushie, the Missoula Police and the University of Montana to completely ignore my rights and safety and the LAW.

These authorities involved in the Bill Windsor whistleblower retaliation case, have a pattern and history that is easily proven and they have massive amounts of facts of who is the real danger and parties flat out lying yet they decided to jail and persecute a film producer reporting on REAL, True Corruption in Montana and protected by the University of Montana,

"Judge James A. Haynes has dismissed three felony criminal charges against Bill Windsor"

"Two misdemeanor charges are still being considered for dismissal...

I didn't have time to read the order initially.  But I read the last page to learn that Judge James A. Haynes dismissed the three felony charges that could have had me spend six years in the Montana State Prison in "beautiful" Deer Lodge Montana, just North, South, East, and West of the Montana boonies.  The town does, however, have the World's Largest Railroad Spike proudly displayed "downtown.

There were five charges.  In Montana, your first two protective order "crimes" are misdemeanors.  You have to be convicted.  I wasn't, but the Persecutor charged two misdemeanors and three felonies.  Not legal or nice.  But what's relevant now is that I am down to two misdemeanors.  This means I WON'T GO TO PRISON!  The maximum penalty for each misdemeanor is six months in the Missoula County Detention Center and $500 fine.  I don't plan to be found guilty of anything since I didn't commit any crimes, but I have already spent 134 days in the slammer, so eight month would be the max.  And I can't imagine serving another day.  That said, the Missoula County Detention Center is quite nice.  The food is excellent.  Their mattresses actually have padding in them.  The cells are nice, and the cell doors are open to the common area virtually the entire day.  It was by far the best of my three jails.

Judge James A Haynes dismissed the charges for the alleged Tweet.  (Aw shucks, I can no longer hold the title of The World's Most Notorious Tweeter.")  And he dismissed the two charges where Sean Boushie's name was published online in two legal documents.

He got a lot of the facts wrong and ignored the excellent law that I presented.  So, don't take pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 at face value.

The charges that could still be dismissed are the email of a required legal filing to the University of Montana attorney and not giving Sean Boushie my TV show website.  From reading his order, I think these charges will be dismissed as well.  

On the email charge, Judge James A. Haynes wrote that the "TOP contains no prohibition from emailing documents to an attorney at the University of Montana about a matter in litigation. ... Frankly, the Court is having trouble connecting the allegations in Count V to anything related to protecting Sean Boushie.  Moreover, the blanket reference to "U of M Staff" appears overly broad."

On the website charge, Judge James A. Haynes wrote: "The District Court... expresses concern that Windsor (or the website's legal owner) has or may have a property interest in this site....  The 'release the website' condition may have been inartfully considered as it does nothing to prevent Windsor's ongoing ..use of the several other websites and Facebook accounts listed by Sean Boushie to which Windsor has online access.  Finally, Windsor appears to have the defenses that this condition is overly broad since Boushie never sought "release" in his application for order of protection...."

Judge James A. Haynes claims the TEMPORARY Order of Protection ("TOP") was valid for 546 days.  No way, but that's what he says on the last page of the order.

I am very happy to say this is a big deal.  What has just happened is that a lowly pro se defendant charged with three felonies facing six years in prison has won against a hotshot county prosecuting attorney.  Things like this just don't happen -- to me or to many people.  Judge James A. Haynes obviously did the right thing on three of the charges, and I hope he will do the right thing on the other two.

I had a feeling the order was coming because after hearing nothing from her for weeks, I got an email yesterday from Jennifer Clark, the prosecutor, saying she was sending some documents that I had been requesting.  That told me that there was likely an order coming and that she knew at least one of the charges was still pending.

And if the other two charges aren't dismissed, I will get to try the case in front of a jury on January 4, 2016.  That is an experience that I will enjoy immensely."


There will be lot's more to come as Jennifer Clark and Detective Chris Shermer and the GANG have Failed miserable in protecting the public and Telling the TRUTH.  The dismissals will be Just the Begining of this INVESTIGATION and pending legal action against YOU ALL.

Click Below to Read the Dismissal Order

Sean Boushie Flat out LIED to the Missoula Police. Missoula County Attorney, Judges and the University of Montana have done nothing for nearly a decade now to protect the public. As they have been repeatedly shown massive proof by Bill Windsor, Michael Spreadbury and Crystal Cox (me).

Montana Corruption Cover up Continues. But will NOT go Unreported.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

They say You are Truly Media if you present both sides. I say that is not true. The Truth only has one side and that is the TRUTH. Not each sides version of REALITY, but documented PROOF. ~ Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger

Sunday, October 4, 2015

and The world's MOST hypocritical law firm strikes again. The Lanham Act should NOT be used by a Plaintiff to Violate the First AMENDMENT, oh yeah unless that Plaintiff is Marc Randazza or Jennifer Randazza of course, represented by Randazza Legal Group.

Can you Imagine a Plaintiff Misusing the Lanham Act to VIOLATE the First Amendment Rights of their VICTIM, other wise known as the Defendant?

Well Check out this Crap
" the Order should go in any First Amendment lawyer’s files — because this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a plaintiff try and get creative with the Lanham Act in free speech cases."

As you read this BULLSHIT, keep in mind that Marc Randazza, Randazza legal group sued iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein and Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, me, for Millions, and took our intellectual property through an unconstitutional TRO and the Lanham Act for this blatant violation of our First Amendment Rights.

Randazza v. Cox has been removed from, guess he wants to make the mess go away somehow, but the motions will all be uploaded elsewhere soon and the TRUTH will NEVER go away.

So no worries, the Order most certainly will be used to FIGHT back against Rogue, Lawless, Unconstitutional Attorneys such as Marc Randazza and the gang at Randazza Legal Group.

SO here is the Order that will be yet ANOTHER defense in the Randazza v. Cox case, District of Nevada. Ya know the Cause of Action Lanham Act.

Order Granting Motion for Summary Judgement

Special Order Motion to Strike ( See Randazza is a BULLY, and a hypocrite. He has no facts to sue but still does and takes property and ruins lives, but then RLG gets the courts to rule the opposite for their own clients.)

Marc Randazza nor his wife or child had ANY material FACTS to have sued Eliot Bernstein and Crystal Cox, yet they did.

Somehow our life, our life work, our personal and intellectual property, our quality of life, our health was / is of no worth to Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group. Yet the Randazza family and law firm gets far reaching unconstitutional rights and to use the power of the courts to oppress us, sue us, torment and harass us and yeah in the name of the LANHAM ACT.


Susan Sarandon Makes a Plea for Richard Glossip, an innocent man who was sentenced to die.

"Dear fellow MoveOn member,
This past Tuesday, Oklahoma came within minutes of killing Richard Glossip—an innocent man who was sentenced to die. 
And then, in a last-minute decision, the governor of Oklahoma granted him a stay of execution.
I firmly believe Richard would not be alive today if so many people—including hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members—hadn't spoken out and fought so hard already. 
Now, thanks to this incredible work—and the tireless dedication of Richard's new, pro bono legal team—we have more time. But to save Richard, there's so much more to do over the coming weeks.
A portion of your donation will help fund Richard's legal team directly, and it will also help MoveOn continue to run a big campaign to fight for Richard's life in the court of public opinion. 
Over the last several weeks, MoveOn members have gone into high gear to help Richard:
  • One quarter of a million people joined me and Sister Helen Prejean, whom I played in the movie "Dead Man Walking," in signing a petition calling for justice for Richard.
  • We flooded Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin's office with 7,000 calls.
  • We ran hard-hitting ads in The Oklahoman and on social media.
  • Then on Monday night, MoveOn members organized a powerful action outside of the U.S. Supreme Court.
But to save Richard, we need to do more. We need to help Richard's legal team win in court. And to also help MoveOn keep the pressure on the governor and other state officials who have the power to spare Richard's life.  
Will you chip in $3 to help support Richard's legal team and to ensure MoveOn has the resources it needs to keep this campaign going and growing? 
Richard was sent to death row on the word of one man—a confessed murderer, drug addict, and thief, who changed his story at least eight times, and even bragged about setting him up.1,2
Justin Sneed confessed to committing the gruesome murder, but said Richard hired him to do it. In exchange for testifying against Richard, Sneed avoided the death penalty and is now serving a life sentence in a medium-security prison.3
It's pretty straightforward, but Richard hasn't had the resources to prove his innocence. In July, a top-notch legal team took on his case, and they've found stunning new evidence that no court has ever considered.4
The next several weeks can be Richard's lifeline—but we need your help to fund Richard's legal work and to keep organizing to put pressure on the state of Oklahoma. If we can do both, then we have a real shot at saving Richard.
Will you chip in $3—or whatever you can—to help save an innocent man?
Thanks for all you do.
–Susan Sarandon 
P.S. MoveOn is also working with me to connect the dots to the larger issue: The death penalty is inhumane. And even those who believe in it in theory are forced to admit that it's inherently discriminatory and puts innocent people to death. We must heed Pope Francis's call to end it now.
A major headline this week read: "Richard Glossip and the end of the death penalty."5 As we fight for Richard's life, we can use Richard's case—and the attention we've now gotten—to build real momentum towards abolishing the death penalty in the United States. And momentum is on our side: Justice Scalia admitted last week that he "wouldn't be surprised" if the U.S. Supreme Court ends the death penalty soon.6
In a phone interview after his stay of execution was granted, Richard said, "I'm going to fight until the truth is finally in a courtroom where people can see it."7

1. "New Evidence in Glossip case will be presented Monday, September 14 by Legal Defense Team Member Don Knight," The City Sentinel, September 12, 2015
2. "A Summary: 'When Eight is Enough,'" The City Sentinel, September 4, 2015
3. "With last-minute Stay, Richard Glossip execution blocked—again," The Intercept, October 1, 2015 
4. "Oklahoma governor halts execution of Richard Glossip due to 'last minute questions' about the drugs involved," The Washington Post, September 30, 2015 
5. "Richard Glossip and the end of the death penalty," The New Yorker, September 30, 2015
6. Ibid.
7. "KOCO speaks to Richard Glossip after Gov. Fallin stays execution,", September 30, 2015"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

We are One World. So many are so angry at Immigrants. When we, White People are IMMIGRANTS in America. Just Love, Compassion, and Equal Rights. In a Land where Hawaiians , Native Americans, Spanish and more were here before White Folks, it would make sense that White Babies would be a minority. Makes perfect Sense.


White Babies' Goes Viral

In a one-word punch line, a new editorial cartoonby syndicated cartoonistMatt Bors, which points out that American Indians were the first inhabitants of present-day America and mocks white supremacists, has gone viral in digital Indian country. 
The cartoon hits on the latest news reports that non-white births now outnumber white births.
This demographic shift, "despite being predicted for decades, is upsetting to racist ass racists," Bors wrote in his blogat
"It’s by far my most popular cartoon of the year so far," Bors told Indian Country Today Media Network. " I posted it today on my own website and got over 3,000 Facebook shares."
After new Census datawas released last week, Bors wanted to capture people's reactions— "whether racists are freaking out about whites being the majority minority," Bors said. "The idea popped into my head that this being first time non-white births outnumbered white births is not technically true."
While Bors quickly developed the concept for his cartoon, creating it proved more challenging. "It was probably one of the hardest cartoons to figure out how to approach visually," Bors said. " I wanted it to clearly say 'Native America' but not be stereotypical."
The response has been positive. "It's cool when a cartoon breaks out and becomes popular within a community," Bors said.
Bors has previously tackled mainstream issues from an American Indian perspective. In 2007, he portrayed pilgrims as filthy immigrantsthat will have "anchor babies," and in 2010, he explained why Americans have no legitimate argument against Park51, the "Ground Zero mosque," comparing it to churches on original Indian lands."


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I, Crystal Cox ALLEGE that Marc Randazza had intent to defraud Creditors and that the Bankruptcy Courts should not, as a matter of law discharge debt that is FRAUD.

June 3, 2015 was date of the the now infamous arbitration in which Marc Randazza was accused of Bribery and was ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Marc Randazza hired his bankruptcy attorney in June 11, 2015 just after this we see Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza filed for divorce on June 22, 2015. This too shows intent to defraud creditors in my opinion.

Meanwhile he stalled the Randazza v. Cox in multiple ways and now this bankruptcy has "stayed" that case for who knows how long.

I ALLEGE that Marc J. Randazza made fraudulent transfers of money and other assets and set up an array of trusts, mortgage, car buying spree, IRA's, 401k and more simply to defraud Creditors and with specific intent to do so.

I ALLEGE that Marc Randazza began planning his bankruptcy seriously in March of 2015, once he new he would lose to Liberty Media and that the District of Nevada courts was allowing me, Crystal Cox to have 10 million in counter claims against Marc Randazza.

I Allege that Marc Randazza does not believe he will lose in those counterclaims and that he will continue to badger me or out-lawyer me and I will lose. I have clear and convincing claims, however, the point here is that Randazza added my counterclaims and me as a Creditor because of it's size of 10 MILLION Dollars and this put him at a Chapter 11 vs. a Chapter 13 I believe, or in some way made his story seem more plausible with so much burden. Even though he has stalled my case successfully with his appeals and now this, I allege, fraudulent bankruptcy claim.

I allege that Marc Randazza is using the ownership of Randazza Legal Group to hide assets, using IRA's and other financial accounts he started deliberately to defraud creditors with malicious, willful intent.

Creditors such as Liberty Media and myself, Crystal Cox are not just some Creditor, we were clients, and should have had protection under law, under the bar Association, under Randazza's multi-state liability insurance carrier which he refused and the Nevada courts let him, to ever give me information on who that carrier is or was.

The courts, including the bankruptcy courts should protect clients of attorneys such as Marc Randazza and not let them commit fraud against their clients, or engage in unethical, unconstitutional actions that really do harm their clients and then seek some sort of immunity in the bankruptcy courts.

RANDAZZA took a BRIBE, and I allege this is a tiny, TINY legal infraction of which Randazza has committed a massive amount of this type of action, plus other illegal hacking, stalking, privacy violations, endangerment and flat out criminal defamation and harassment against his former clients and against whistleblowers who tell on him.

I allege that Randazza's divorce is to hide money, assets and even a mortgage to his wife's parents to defraud creditors whose lives he has caused irreparable harm to.

Research Links to the above documents

June 3, 2015 Arbitration

June 11, 2015 Marc Randazza retained his now bankruptcy attorney. See Below

I, Crystal Cox Allege that Marc Randazza has violated Section 548 of the Bankruptcy Code and other Codes to due with fraud. I allege that Randazza had intent to defraud Creditors and therefore he cannot discharge this debt. I allege Marc Randazza is guilty of Fraudulent Transference and Fraudulent Transfers.

"A transfer of the debtor’s property to another party in order to deter, hinder or defraud a creditor, or to unfairly place such property out of the reach of a creditor is a fraudulent transfer. In bankruptcy cases, a trustee is given the power to set aside or avoid these transfers under either federal law or state law. Section 548 of the Bankruptcy Code provides for the federal statutory basis to challenge fraudulent transfers. Section 544 of the Bankruptcy Code provides for the basis to challenge fraudulent transfers under applicable state statutory law.

There are two types of fraudulent transfers in bankruptcy. The first is actual fraud, which involves the intent to defraud creditors. The second is referred to as a constructive fraud, which involves a transfer made in exchange for inadequate consideration.

Actual fraud requires proof of intent from the person challenging the transfer. While intent must be determined on a case-by-case basis, a few examples might include the transfer of all the debtor’s assets to a newly formed company or to a family member to avoid the reach of creditors or litigation threatened against the debtor unless the property is transferred. Even involuntary transfers can be made with actual intent."

Source and Full Article

I, Crystal L. Cox am Creditor Number 13 in the Ol' Marc John Randazza Bankrutpcy Fiasco and I mailed this OBJECTION to the District of Nevada Bankruptcy Courts.

Here is a Part of it, the Whole Filing I mailed is linked below.

"Debt cannot be Discharged due to Fraud

Crystal Cox claims that Marc John Randazza premeditated this bankruptcy to avoid losing assets. Marc Randazza knew he was going to use bankruptcy to stop or get rid of pending cases against him whereby he actually committed fraud against former clients.

Crystal Cox alleges this is fraud and that debt cannot be discharged in fraud. 

Marc Randazza stalled Cox’s counterclaims in the District of Nevada case by appealing a Judge’s ruling to the Ninth Circuit regarding Anti-Slapp laws in Nevada which he personally co-wrote.

This stayed the District of Nevada case pending the Ninth Circuit appeal decision. Randazza was to file an opening brief in that case in August of 2015, however he extended the filing deadline, then on August 28th, 2015 he filed bankruptcy. Randazza then filed this Bankruptcy Notice of filing in the Ninth Circuit case and thereby froze those proceedings as well.

Cox claims that Randazza premeditated these actions and planned a bankruptcy all along, and stalled in order to create trusts, spend money, hide money offshore, file for a divorce to hide money with his wife and her family and make it look like he simply, one day, could not pay his creditors nor be liable to the clients he had intentionally harmed.

Randazza continued to harm his clients and all the while knowing he was creating a massive liability. Cox’s claims against Marc Randazza are clear and convincing, they are valid and the case has been going on since Nov of 2012, nearly 3 years now.

As of January 2015 Marc Randazza knew that the Nevada courts was allowing Cox’s counterclaims, so in March of 2015 Marc Randazza begin planning his bankruptcy, he started several family trusts, bought vehicles, and in June he and his wife Jennifer Randazza who also sued Cox but Cox was not allowed to countersue per judicial order, filed for divorce. Cox alleges this too was premeditated in order to defraud creditors and those who have and had legitimate claims against Marc Randazza.

On March 9th, 2015 Marc Randazza set up the Misuraca Family Trust. He also set up Marc J. Randazza P.A as another entity and this 100% owned by the Misuraca Family Trust.

ALL this to attempt to move forward as a lawyer and not pay those he harmed in previous case and or other creditors. This was and is to protect Marc Randazza to maliciously, willfully and intentionally cheat clients, cause client harm, ruin clients business and quality of life and then simply file bankruptcy and move on as an attorney and hid his assets from those folks (creditors and clients who sued him for malpractice).

Magnolia Holdings 19 LLC is owned by Marc Randazza, Jennifer Randazza and Ronald Green, Randazza’s business partner who represents Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza in their lawsuit against Crystal Cox.

These trusts and this divorce filing, as well as several trips to other countries such as Canada, the UK and other countries, Cox alleges this travel was to hide money and assets, and was done with full intent to defraud Creditors, which includes Cox who has $10,000,000 in legitimate claims against Marc J. Randazza of Randazza Legal Group. Therefore Cox objects to the discharge of debt.

March 9th, 2015 Marc Randazza buys a $42,000 BMW. Randazza bought a 2013 Sienna for $25,000 and put it in Jennifer Randazza’s name. And Marc Randazza put $26,000 on tuition for private school for his children, even though one of his children was the Plaintiff in the Cox case, which was an immoral, unethical action for Mr. Randazza to have taken.

On August 25th, 2015 Marc Randazza started a 401k account at John Hancock. 3 days later on August 28th, 2015 he filed for bankruptcy. Cox claims this is clearly with intent to commit fraud on the bankruptcy courts and to defraud Creditors who were entitled to be paid.

Marc Randazza started an IRA at LPL Financial for 99,000.

Marc Randazza created a secured debt of $300,000 with his wife’s parents Denise and Cathy Brochey, of which Cox claims was to defraud creditors and hide assets from his victims.

Cox claims that Randazza created all the above specifically with intent to defraud Creditors.

Cox alleges this was all staged to defraud Creditors.

For all this to happen on the same day March 9th, 2015, is suspect and Cox moves this court to take note that it is odd that all these trusts were set up and a 42,000 BMW was purchased this same day, as well as a 25,000 Toyota Sienna for Jennifer Randazza. "

To View Full Filing, Click Below

My CLEAR and Convincing Claims against my former attorney Marc Randazza, with linking Exhibits.

A Bit more on Bankruptcy Fraud, Fraudulent Transfers and ...

Cox alleges that Marc Randazza has INTENT TO DEFRAUD and therefore he cannot discharge his debt in this bankruptcy case. I claim Marc Randazza had ACTUAL INTENT and in my case he even transfered assets to who I claim is a counter defendant in Randazza v. Cox, his wife Jennifer Randazza whom was / is a Plaintiff in that case as is their young daughter.

More on this topic

Hiding Property & Assets in Bankruptcy


more on this Topic

Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina have created a trail of victims. "SEC Charges Five With Insider Trading, Including Two Attorneys and an Accountant"

"Washington D.C., Sept. 28, 2015 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged five Florida residents – including two lawyers and an accountant – with insider trading in advance of the acquisition of Pharmasset Inc. by Gilead Sciences Inc.
In a complaint filed in federal court in Newark, New Jersey, the SEC alleged that attorneys Robert L. Spallina and Donald R. Tescher and accountant Steven G. Rosen illegally traded on confidential information obtained from a mutual client who served on the board of directors of Princeton, New Jersey-based Pharmasset.

According to the complaint, during a meeting on November 8, 2011, regarding year-end personal tax and estate planning, the Pharmasset board member and his advisers, including Spallina, Tescher, and Rosen, discussed the fact that the Pharmasset board was negotiating to sell the company at a significant premium.  Immediately afterward, Spallina, Tescher, and Rosen allegedly breached their duties of trust and confidence to their client by purchasing Pharmasset securities.  The complaint further alleges that Spallina told Thomas J. Palermo, a financial adviser at a brokerage firm, and Brian H. Markowitz, then Spallina’s next-door neighbor, about the negotiations to sell the company and both purchased Pharmasset securities based on Spallina’s tips.

After the public announcement of the acquisition by California-based Gilead Sciences on November 21, 2011, the price of Pharmasset stock rose by 84 percent and the five defendants liquidated their holdings and allegedly reaped more than $234,000 of illegal profits.

Spallina, Tescher, Rosen, Palermo, and Markowitz collectively agreed to pay approximately $489,000 to settle the charges.   The settlements are subject to court approval.

“Lawyers and accountants occupy special positions of trust and confidence and are required to protect the information entrusted to them by their clients,” said Joseph G. Sansone, Co-Chief of the SEC’s Market Abuse Unit.  “It is illegal for them to steal their clients’ confidential information to trade securities for their own profit or to tip others.”    

Spallina, of Parkland, Florida, agreed to return $39,156 of allegedly ill-gotten gains, plus prejudgment interest of $1,794, and pay a civil penalty of $39,156.

The other defendants each agreed to settle the charges and pay disgorgement, prejudgment interest, and civil penalties without admitting or denying the SEC’s allegations. Tescher, of Delray Beach, Florida, agreed to return $9,937, plus prejudgment interest of $690, and pay a $9,937 penalty. Rosen, of Coral Springs, Florida, agreed to return $27,634, plus prejudgment interest of $1,991, and pay a $27,634 penalty.

Palermo, of Parkland, Florida, agreed to return $124,528, plus prejudgment interest of $14,067, and pay a $124,528 penalty, and Markowitz, of Pompano Beach, Florida, agreed to return $32,931, plus prejudgment interest of $2,640, and pay a $32,931 penalty.

The SEC’s investigation was conducted by Paul T. Chryssikos and Scott A. Thompson of the Enforcement Division’s Market Abuse Unit and the Philadelphia Regional Office with assistance from John Rymas in the unit’s Analysis and Detection Center and Christopher R. Kelly of the Philadelphia Regional Office.  The SEC appreciates the assistance of the Options Regulatory Surveillance Authority. "


"This is an insider trading case that arose when two lawyers and an accountant
misappropriated confidential information from a mutual client concerning the impending
acquisition of the pharmaceuticals company Pharmasset, Inc. (“Pharmasset”) by trading Pharmasset securities in advance of the public announcement of the acquisition on November 21,

In addition to trading in his own account, one of the lawyers tipped two close friends, a
securities industry professional and another experienced securities trader, who both also profited
by trading Pharmasset securities. The five defendants collectively realized a total of
approximately $234,186 in illegal profits through their insider trading.

2.   On November 8, 2011, less than two weeks before the November 21, 2011 public
announcement that Gilead Sciences, Inc. (“Gilead”) would acquire Pharmasset, a member of
Pharmasset’s board of directors (“Board Member”) met with his personal legal, tax, and financial
advisers, including Spallina, Tescher, and Rosen, to discuss end-of-year tax and estate planning
matters (the “November 8, 2011 Meeting”).

3.   During the November 8, 2011 Meeting, the group in attendance – including
Spallina, Tescher, Rosen, and Board Member – discussed the fact that Pharmasset’s board of
directors was secretly negotiating to sell the company at a price per share significantly higher
than the then-current price of Pharmasset stock. This information was confidential and
nonpublic and was discussed for the sole purpose of providing Board Member with legal, tax,
and financial advice.

4.   Shortly after the November 8, 2011 Meeting ended, in breach of their respective
fiduciary or other duties of trust or confidence owed to Board Member, Spallina, Rosen, and
Tescher purchased Pharmasset securities based on the material, nonpublic information regarding
the sale of Pharmasset that they learned at the meeting.

5.   In addition, Spallina also tipped this information to two close friends – Palermo, a
securities industry professional employed by a registered broker-dealer (“Brokerage Firm”), and
Markowitz, an experienced securities trader. "

Full SEC Complaint against Robert Spallina and Tescher