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The Case of Rob Riley, Bob Riley and the Scandalous Posts. Jefferson County Circuit Judge Donald Blankenship ordered Alabama blogger to pay $3.5 million in defamation lawsuit

Why didn't Shield Laws or the First Amendment Protect this Guy? Did he really "make it up" out of thin air or was there a source, a reason, information that he did not expose? Was there an affair, WOW seems like alot that is not said here. Seems like the Judges are protecting the Politicians in my Opinion.

Goes to JAIL for offending someone? Where are the Free Speech Advocates on this one? Why can't you post on your blog about an affair? Well I suppose if it is the Politician, public figure having the affair then that should be fair game right? If it's his son maybe not. However, come on 3.5 million dollars and was in jail, for reporting a story he thought to be True? WOW.

""The Court finds the comments defamatory," Judge Blankenship stated in his order."

Seems a Bit Barbaric to Me. Marc Randazza, First Amendment attorney and his cronies, such as defamatory attorney Ken White,  defame, harass, threaten and POST way worse knowingly false statements over and over and they get away with it.  Speak out against a politicians son and a Judge steps in and serves up injustice? WOW.

Sure seems Fishy to Me.

"Rob Riley had sued Shuler in October for libel and sought the injunction to force Shuler to remove the posts. The judge ordered Shuler to remove the post and ordered the blogger jailed for contempt when he didn't do it immediately. Shuler remained in jail until the judge ordered his release in March after his wife removed certain stories from the blog."

This sure seems like a SERIOUSLY Overreaching Unconstitutional Judge to Me. 

"Alabama blogger ordered to pay $3.5 million in defamation lawsuit

A Shelby County blogger, who spent five months in jail before agreeing to remove stories from his website about the son of a former governor, has now been ordered to pay $3.5 million in a defamation lawsuit filed by a former campaign manager for Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange.

The blogger had written about an alleged affair between Strange and the campaign manager.

Jefferson County Circuit Judge Donald Blankenship on Monday entered a default judgment against Roger Shuler and his website Legal Schnauzer for $1.5 million in compensatory and $2 million in punitive damages. The judge wrote that all the elements for the judgment were present, including that a false and defamatory statement was made.

Jessica Medeiros Garrison, a Birmingham lawyer, filed the defamation lawsuit in 2013 against Shuler. She had managed Strange's 2010 campaign for Alabama Attorney General and served as Chief Counsel and Deputy Attorney General in 2011.

"The facts are clear and the judgment speaks for itself," Garrison stated in an email Tuesday to "The absolute and blatant disregard for the truth has to come with consequences. I am very happy to finally be in a position to set the record straight," she wrote.

Bill Baxley, one of Garrison's attorneys, also said the ruling "speaks for itself." He said he doubts his client will be able to collect any money from Shuler, who had his house foreclosed upon a year or so ago.

Joel Dillard, another attorney for Garrison, said they are grateful that the judget returned a verdict that adequately compensates Garrison. "She is the righteous, kind, gracious working mother of a young son she adores, and this fact magnified this outrageous wrong. Shuler's statements about her were not just libelous, they were plucked from thin air, and were cyber-bullying of the worst order," Dillard stated.

Strange also issued a statement today.

"I am pleased the court has confirmed there was no truth to these lies and that some measure of justice has been done," Strange stated.

Shuler failed or refused to sit for a scheduled deposition. He was sanctioned by Judge Blankenship, who then set a March hearing for sanctions and default judgment.

At the March 9 hearing the judge heard testimony from Garrison and Strange. Both testified the allegations Shuler had written that the two had an extramarital affair and had a son together were false, according to the judge's order.

Shuler, or any lawyer representing him, did not attend the hearing.

Garrison testified that Shuler had written false comments in his Legal Schnauzer blog concerning her and Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, the judge's order states.

"The (Legal Schnauzer) comments suggested that the plaintiff (Garrison) received preferential treatment from the Attorney General because the two were engaged in an ongoing extramarital affair; and that the Attorney General was the father of the Plaintiff's minor son," the judge's order stated.

Garrison testified that the comments were false and "were embarrassing, hurtful and degrading."

"She testified further that the comments made it difficult to perform her job. She works with a national organization, The Republican Attorneys General Association," according to the judge's order.

Garrison also stated that since the comments have now become widely known, she constantly suffers from embarrassment and anxiety, according to the judge's orders. "She testified that she worries about how the comments could later affect her minor son."

Strange also testified that the comments concerning his relationship with Garrison and a photo on the website that was cropped to make it appear Strange and Garrison were alone, were false.

"The Court finds the comments defamatory," Judge Blankenship stated in his order.

Efforts to reach Shuler for comment were unsuccessful prior to publication of this story.

Last year a Shelby County judge also issued a writ of arrest for Roger Shuler, author of the Legal Schnauzer blog regarding motion to revoke Shuler's probation on his conviction on a misdemeanor resisting arrest charge. The motion states that Shuler failed to make payment of court ordered fees and fines and did not appear as ordered by the court.

Shuler was charged with resisting arrest last fall when he was taken into custody on a contempt of court charge filed by judge after Shuler, at least initially, refused to remove stories he had written on Legal Schnauzer that Rob Riley, the son of the former governor, had an affair.

Rob Riley had sued Shuler in October for libel and sought the injunction to force Shuler to remove the posts. The judge ordered Shuler to remove the post and ordered the blogger jailed for contempt when he didn't do it immediately. Shuler remained in jail until the judge ordered his release in March after his wife removed certain stories from the blog.

Shuler's incarceration for contempt drew national attention from groups that claims Shuler's First Amendment rights were violated. The ACLU and Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press filed briefs on his behalf.

Weeks after the posts were removed Rob Riley complained that a very similar website with Shuler's posts had appeared. Shuler denied he had anything to do with the other website."


Links to Those Who Came to This Bloggers Defense

We must Dare to Defend

"Since 1931, the U.S. Supreme Court has found that the First Amendment prohibits a court order restraining anyone from saying or publishing something, even if it is defamatory. In Near vs. Minnesota, the U.S. Supreme Court found that Jay Near, who published a scandal sheet about Minnesota politics, could not be enjoined by the courts from publishing.

Later cases have upheld the decision, most notably in 1971 when the New York Times and Washington Post sought to publish the Pentagon Papers, a secret history and analysis of the Vietnam War compiled for the government.

In short, if you intend to commit libel or slander, you can be punished or sued after the act, but not stopped from the act itself."

"...had his constitutional rights trampled on and that he is a victim of prior restraint, a practice the U.S. Supreme Court has forbidden in all but imminent threats to national security."

Full Article and Source

Rob Riley sounds like a Whiny Little Asshole protected by Daddy's friends and overreaching JUDGES.  The TRUTH will Come Out one day, it always does.

A Few More Research Link's On Rob Riley's Daddy Bob Riley

Will Bob Riley Be Forced To Tell The Truth About Abramoff Cash--And Other Sleaze?

Alabama Governor Bob Riley: A Corrupt, Political Thug?

You can do your own Homework, FIND the Truth Don't Sue and Jail the BLOGGER.

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The TRUTH will NEVER Stop Flowing, No Matter how many Judges, County Attorneys, Detectives, Lawyers, Cops, or Harassing Stalkers try and Stop it. "Bill Windsor of Lawless America takes two new cases to the U.S. Supreme Court"

"Bill Windsor of Lawless America has taken two new cases to the U.S. Supreme Court. 
Four cases were unsuccessfully taken to the Supreme Court by Bill Windsor in 2010.
He's back with two new cases.
In 2010, William M. Windsor took his first cases to the United States Supreme Court. The issues were whether federal judges in Georgia were obligated to abide by the United States Constitution. Bill Windsor obtained extensive Internet publicity when the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court REFUSED to tell the federal judges in Georgia that they had to abide by the Constitution. That morphed into Lawless America...The Movie.
Now Bill Windsor has presented the U.S. Supreme Court with two cases.
Can the Idaho Supreme Court deny Bill Windsor's appeal of his unlawful incarceration in Ada County Idaho by claiming he appealed to the wrong court? It's a totally outrageous order designed to provide some insulation for the State of Idaho in a multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuit. Bill Windsor was legally raped by Ada County Idaho, and Bill's legal actions nailed the County and the State. Since the Idaho Supreme Court had no legal basis to deny Bill Windsor's appeal, they claimed he appealed to the wrong court. The Supreme Court said he had to appeal to the District Court. Just one problem -- the district court issued the order that he was appealing. The Idaho Rules of Appellate Procedure state absolutely clearly that the appeal goes to the state's ONLY appellate court -- the Idaho Supreme Court.
There's not a chance in Hell that the U.S. Supreme Court will address this travesty of justice because it simply isn't a legal issue worth addressing -- it's just a fraud.
The other case does stand a snowball's chance in Hell of being addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court. (If only judicial enemy #1 (Bill Windsor) was not the one bringing the issue).
The issue is whether a lawsuit can be filed against an Internet screen name.
A federal court denied William M. Windsor the right to sue in a court and seek redress of grievances from a gang of nameless, faceless criminals who live under rocks online.
The right to petition for redress of grievances is as fundamental as rights get.
The South Dakota Constitution, Article 6 Section 20 provides: “All courts shall be open, and every man for an injury done him in his property, person or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice, administered without denial or delay.” William M. Windsor is being denied this fundamental right.
Meaningful access to the courts is a Constitutional right. William M. Windsor’s Constitutional rights to due process have been violated by one sentence claiming Frivolous because the defendants all had funny-sounding screen names like Ginger Snap.
There was no basis to deny William M. Windsor’s causes of action based on the screen names of the Defendants. Perhaps the justices of the federal courts are unfamiliar with this newfangled thing called “the Internet.” On it, people commit crimes by the millions using fake screen names. There is no law to protect people’s criminal activity because they use a fake name.
South Dakota and the United States District Court for South Dakota recognize Doe defendants. South Dakota law specifically provides for suing when a plaintiff is ignorant of the names of the defendants. SDCL 15-6-9(h) provides it.
Although designation of a “John Doe” defendant is not favored in the federal courts, it is permissible when the identity of the alleged defendant is not known at the time the complaint is filed and plaintiff could identify defendant through discovery.
Courts have generally recognized the ability of a plaintiff to use unnamed defendants so long as the plaintiff provides an adequate description of some kind which is sufficient to identify the person involved so process eventually can be served. William M. Windsor did this. In the Prayer of the Verified Petition, William M. Windsor sought “orders compelling Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Internet service Providers to produce information that will help identify the real people who have used the screen names on Joeyisalittlekid. blogspot. com, Facebook, and email addresses….”
o, the U.S. Supreme Court might take up this appeal. Let them tell our fellow Americans whether they can get away with any crime online as long as they use a screen name ... or serve warning that we all have the rights to sue the Ginger Snap's, Buttwholes, Petunia Snodgrasses, and TinyFeetNHands of the world.


Defend the Free Speech Rights of all Activist Bloggers, Anti-Corruption Bloggers, Alternative Medicine and Whistleblowers in every corner of the WORLD.

Illegal assessing ? You can't share diet advice? Hmmm.. Big Pharma LOST this one. You CAN Give Advice and yes those who help people get well WITHOUT Big Pharma have a First Amendment RIGHT.

This Case was and is a VERY Big Deal. 

YES there is a Food, a Plant, an HERB, an Exercise that has cured someone somewhere of pretty much every disease. They have a Free Speech right to share their experience. Big Pharma and the Controllers of the Establishment FDA Do NOT want you to know about those who have CURED themselves without those Evil prescription drugs and rogue doctors that do not have any respect for the KNOWN Cures that really do Grow on Mother Earth.

Those Blogging about KNOWN Cures, about Alternative Medicine that WORKS and Herbal Remedies as well as those blogging about corruption simply had NO FIRST AMENDMENT Rights, they had to Fight for it. Among those Fighting such battles, one of my favorite case was the Caveman Blogger Case.

Sharing ideas and Advice is Protected FREE SPEECH.

You have a Free Speech right to talk about Food, about things that cured you, or worked for you. And the Big Pharma controlled government superpowers of the Corporation of the United States DO NOT have a legal, moral, constitutional right to SUPPRESS that information, though they have been able to, through controlled media and elite press since the beginning of time.

Caveman Blogger Fights for Free Speech and Internet Freedom

More on the Caveman Blogger Case which is a HUGE WIN for all those who KNOW for SURE that FOOD Cures, Right Eating CURES, Plants ARE Medicine, and that the Great Spirit really did NOT get it wrong and Big Pharma GREED get it right.

“Caveman” blogger wins right to blog advice about food and fitness without a state license

Free Speech VICTORY Case for Bloggers Reporting on WHAT Really Works to CURE Ailments

Defend the Free Speech Rights of all Activist Bloggers, Anti-Corruption Bloggers and Whistleblowers in every corner of the WORLD.  They are the LIGHT. They are the Defenders of the Victims of Corruption and they are Changing the Entire WORLD for the BETTER. Stand up for those Bloggers. Start a Blog, EXPOSE Corruption, Report on the News to YOU. Post Videos and Documented Proof.  You are ALL Media.

Defending the First Amendment in Free Speech for ALL.

Check Out the Crystal Cox Free Speech Case
Defend the Free Speech Rights of all Activist Bloggers, Anti-Corruption Bloggers, Alternative Medicine Bloggers and Whistleblowers in every corner of the WORLD.  They are the LIGHT. They are the Defenders of the Victims of Corruption and they are Changing the Entire WORLD for the BETTER. Stand up for those Bloggers. Start a Blog, EXPOSE Corruption, Report on the News to YOU. Post Videos and Documented Proof.  You are ALL Media. 

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China Quietly Prepares Golden Alternative to Dollar System; in Support of Basic Income

"China, as current chair of the G-20 group of nations, called on France to organize a very special conference in Paris. The fact such a conference would even take place in an OECD country is a sign of how weakened the hegemony of the US-dominated Dollar System has become.

By F. William Engdahl

On March 31 in Paris a special meeting, named “Nanjing II,” was held. People’s Bank of China Governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, was there and made a major presentation on, among other points, broader use of the IMF special basket of five major world currencies, the Special Drawing Rights or SDR’s. The invited were a very select few. The list included German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde discussed the world’s financial architecture together with China. Apparently and significantly, there was no senior US official present.

On the Paris talks, Bloomberg reported: “China wants a much more closely managed system, where private-sector decisions can be managed by governments,” said Edwin Truman, a former Federal Reserve and US Treasury official. “The French have always favored international monetary reform, so they’re natural allies to the Chinese on this issue.”

A China Youth Daily journalist present in Paris noted, “Zhou Xiaochuan pointed out that the international monetary and financial system is currently undergoing structural adjustment, the world economy is facing many challenges…” According to the journalist Zhou went on to declare that China’s aim as current President of the G20 talks is to “promote the wider use of the SDR.”

For most of us, that sounds about as exciting as watching Johnson grass grow in the Texas plains. However, behind that seemingly minor technical move, as is becoming clearer by the day, is a grand Chinese strategy, if it succeeds or not, a grand strategy to displace the dominating role of the US dollar as world central bank reserve currency. China and others want an end to the tyranny of a broken dollar system that finances endless wars on other peoples’ borrowed money with no need to ever pay it back. The strategy is to end the domination of the dollar as the currency for most world trade in goods and services. That’s no small beer.

Despite the wreck of the US economy and the astronomical $19 trillion public debt of Washington, the dollar still makes up 64% of all central bank reserves. The largest holder of US debt is the Peoples Republic of China, with Japan a close second. As long as the dollar is “king currency,” Washington can run endless budget deficits knowing well that countries like China have no serious alternative to invest its foreign currency trade profits but in US Government or government-guaranteed debt. In effect, as I have pointed out, that has meant that China has de facto financed the military actions of Washington that act to go against Chinese or Russian sovereign interests, to finance countless US State Department Color Revolutions from Tibet to Hong Kong, from Libya to Ukraine, to finance ISIS in the Middle East and on and on and on…

Multi-currency world

If we look more closely at all the steps of the Beijing government since the global financial crisis of 2008 and especially since their creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the BRICS New Development Bank, the bilateral national currency energy agreements with Russia bypassing the dollar, it becomes clear that Zhou and the Beijing leadership have a long-term strategy.

As British economist David Marsh pointed out in reference to the recent Paris Nanjing II remarks of Zhou, “China is embarking, pragmatically but steadily, towards enshrining a multi-currency reserve system at the heart of the world’s financial order.”

Since China’s admission into the IMF select group of SDR currencies last November, the multi-currency system, which China calls “4+1,” would consist of the euro, sterling, yen and renminbi (the 4), co-existing with the dollar. These are the five constituents of the SDR.

To strengthen the recognition of the SDR, Zhou’s Peoples’ Bank of China has begun to publish its foreign reserves total–the world’s biggest–in SDRs as well as dollars.

A golden future

Yet the Chinese alternative to the domination of the US dollar is about far more than paper SDR currency basket promotion. China is clearly aiming at the re-establishment of an international gold standard, presumably one not based on the bankrupt Bretton Woods Dollar-Gold exchange that President Richard Nixon unilaterally ended in August, 1971 when he told the world they would have to swallow paper dollars in the future and could no longer redeem them for gold. At that point global inflation, measured in dollar terms, began to soar in what future economic historians will no doubt dub The Greatest Inflation.

By one estimate, the dollars in worldwide circulation rose by some 2,500% between 1970 and 2000. Since then the rise has clearly brought it well over 3,000%.

Without a legal requirement to back its dollar printing by a pre-determined fixed amount of gold, all restraints were off in a global dollar inflation. So long as the world is forced to get dollars to settle accounts for oil, grain, other commodities, Washington can write endless checks with little fear of them bouncing, stamped “insufficient funds.”

Combined with the fact that over that same time span since 1971 there has been a silent coup of the Wall Street banks to hijack any and all semblance of representative democracy and Constitution-based rules, we have the mad money machine, much like the German poet Goethe’s 18th Century fable, Sorcerers’ Apprentice, or in German, Der Zauberlehrling. Dollar creation is out of control.

Since 2015 China is moving very clearly to replace London and New York and the western gold futures price-setting exchanges.

As I noted in a longer analysis in this space in August, 2015, China, together with Russia, is making major strides to back their currencies with gold, to make them “as good as gold,” while currencies like the debt-bloated Euro or the debt-bloated bankrupt dollar zone, struggle.

In May 2015, China announced it had set up a state-run Gold Investment Fund. The aim was to create a pool, initially of $16 billion making it the world’s largest physical gold fund, to support gold mining projects along the new high-speed railway lines of President Xi’s New Economic Silk Road or One Road, One Belt as it is called. As China expressed it, the aim is to enable the Eurasian countries along the Silk Road to increase the gold backing of their currencies.

The countries along the Silk Road and within the BRICS happen to contain most of the world’s people and natural and human resources utterly independent of any the West has to offer.

In May 2015, China’s Shanghai Gold Exchange formally established the “Silk Road Gold Fund.” The two main investors in the new fund were China’s two largest gold mining companies–Shandong Gold Group who bought 35% of the shares and Shaanxi Gold Group with 25%.

The fund will invest in gold mining projects along the route of the Eurasian Silk Road railways, including in the vast under-explored parts of the Russian Federation.

A little-known fact is that no longer is South Africa the world’s gold king. It is a mere number 7 in annual gold production. China is Number One and Russia Number Two.

On May 11, just before creation of China’s new gold fund, China National Gold Group Corporation signed an agreement with the Russian gold mining group, Polyus Gold, Russia’s largest gold mining group, and one of the top ten in the world.

The two companies will explore the gold resources of what is to date Russia’as largest gold deposit at Natalka in the far eastern part of Magadan’s Kolyma District.

Recently, the Chinese government and its state enterprises have also shifted strategy. Today, as of March 2016 official data, China holds more than $3.2 trillion in foreign currency reserves at the Peoples’ bank of China, of which it is believed approximately 60% or almost $2 trillion are dollar assets such as US Treasury bonds or quasi-government bonds such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgage bonds. Instead of investing all its dollar earnings from trade surpluses into increasingly inflated and worthless US government debt, China has launched a global asset buying strategy.

Now it happens that prime on the Beijing foreign asset “to buy” shopping list are gold mines around the world. Despite a recent slight rise in the gold price since January, gold is still at 5 year-lows and many quality proven mining companies are cash-starved and forced into bankruptcy. Gold is truly at the beginning of a renaissance.

The beauty of gold is not only what countless gold bugs maintain, a hedge against inflation. It is the most beautiful of all precious metals.

The Greek philosopher Plato, in his work The Republic, identified five types of regimes possible–Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, and Tyranny, with Tyranny the lowest most vile.

He then lists Aristocracy, or rule by Philosopher Kings with “golden souls” as the highest form of rule, benevolent and with the highest integrity. Gold has worth in its own right throughout mankind’s history. China and Russia and other nations of Eurasia today are reviving gold to its rightful place. That’s very cool."


More Research on this topic

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Port Townsend, Jefferson County Washington, Don't you CARE about your Drinking Water? Your Air Quality? Your Soil? Nestle was going to Bottle 1000 Gallons a Day, and they have been STOPPED. The Port Townsend Paper Mill USES, Pollutes, OVER 10 MILLION Gallons a Day of Fresh Pure Drinking Water, Spring Water, Creek Water. And you DO NOTHING to STOP Them. WHY?

Hood River County in Oregon Voted to BAN Nestle from bottling 1000 gallons of their fresh, clean, pure water a day. Yet the Port Townsend Paper Mill takes 11 MILLION gallons of fresh, clean, pure water a day and pollutes it then puts it in the Port Townsend Bay and the Locals DO NOTHING. They call it the Smell of Money.

Links to the Story

Hood River County Voters Approve Water Bottling Ban

Voters pass measure to keep Nestle out of Cascade Locks

Hood River County Voters Approve Water Bottling Ban

Port Townsend seems like such a progressive town. 

Yet they are NOT an example of New Economy, Clean Economy. Instead Port Townsend is an Example of a City Council and County Commissioners protecting the minority in favor of the profits of Big Corporations. 

Bottling the Water would be better than what Port Townsend Paper is doing. They are POISONING over 10 MILLION Gallons of Fresh, Clean, Spring Water a Day and they call it the Economy.

The City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County Washington PUT the interest and profit of BIG Corporations above the interest of Port Townsend, and of Washington State as well as other areas the water, air and soil affect.

Crown Paper is led by a group of high-level executives who formerly made up the corporate leadership of a global paper company called Smurfit-Stone and its successor company RockTenn.
Crown Paper Group and Crown Corrugated are NOT more important than Clean Fresh Water, Air and Soil. Yet Jefferson County Washington Makes them the MOST Important thing as the put PROFIT before People.

Port Townsend is said to be this cool, healthy, organic hippie place. However, the hippies and those who are into organics and clean air are NOT in CONTROL. Corporation MONEY and Greed is in control, and the people stand by and do NOTHING.

Jefferson County Washington could STOP this madness but they don't. Payoffs, Corruption, Big Money and more are important and your fresh water, clean air and clean soil is NOT.

Less then 300 People are Employed by Port Townsend Paper. The Population of Jefferson County is
30,000. Why is 1% of the populations jobs worth more then the other 99%'s jobs, health, life, quality of life, drinking water, clean air, clean soil and more important than the quality of water that goes into Port Townsend Bay and puget sound?

The MONEY is going to Hedge Funds, Greedy Corporations and NOT to the Benefit of the Majority of Jefferson County.  It is about Choice, Priorities and Stand up for What is Right.

Hood River County way to go, they stopped 1000 Gallons a Day of being taken by Greed. Jefferson County Washington promotes, stands up for, backs, and aids and abets the use and pollution of 11 MILLION gallons a day of Drinking Water by the Port Townsend Paper Mill. And the People do nothing, as they seem to be helpless.

For More Information

Port Townsend Paper, #PortTownsendPaper, #PortTownsendSmell, #PortTownsend, #JeffersonCounty #CleanAir #CleanEconomy #NewEconomy #JeffersonCountyHealth #PortTownsendCommissers
So Odd, they claim God as a Supreme Being but they Trust the Corporation of the United States for their Food and Medicine and NOT this God they claim to love, honor and have Faith in.

They march for cures, give their time and money to causes for cures. When there has always been cures for every ailment. We came to Earth with cures in place. If you fight, fight for the RIGHT to control your own health, body and life, NOT for CURES. Fight the Corporation of the United States that CONTROLS Known Cures and Keeps you sick. Don't FIGHT to Find a Cure that already exists and always has.

We don't need Man to tell us what cures we are ALLOWED to use. Yet people let them rule over them. They claim Faith in the Almighty God but do not use Herbs, God Given Plants, Pure Water, Clean Air, Clean Food as their cure, their lifestyle. Instead they Trust in Man and ignore what God / the Divine / Goddess gave them, and the tools to heal they had all along.

They are RULED by man, by statutes of a corporation called the United States and they Do not ALLOW Divine Law to rule their heart, their life, their business, their relationships or their sacred health.   ~ RCC