Saturday, September 5, 2015

Babies washing up on shores. REAL BREATHING BABIES. ~ What would Jesus Do? Where is the Holy in all these Holy Wars? Bigger Tables NOT Bigger Walls

People, there is literally BABIES washing up on shore. And our TV is showing us a hateful Immigration War here in America. A war on the people that are escaping HORROR, much of which We are part of, pay for, fight in or condone on some level.

Our military is part of what these folks are fleeing, as is the European military, yet they will not bring in those fleeing from their actions to survive.

People are running from war. Literally from being shot at, near, or their area in this world being bombed.  A war that has nothing to do with us real people. Nothing to do with you or with people, families, like you and me in other countries who simply want peace, kindness, love, food, water, warmth and comfort.

These bombs are about Oil, Greed and protecting false values, and a made up monetary system. About fighting for resources in and on Mother Earth that truly there need be no fight, no killing over.

As I believe it is also a galactic, or universal battle of light and dark playing out all over the universe. We can do something, we can dance, love, heal, feed people, and STOP supporting war. STOP funding military invasions and start feeding people. The people of God, of Mother Earth with no borders. God has no border. Jesus has no Border. Buddha has no border. Shamans have no borders.

Our rivers are flooding with poison from Oil companies. The Native Americans are still being persecuted by a white authority. Judges are not obeying law. Toxins are spewed in our air and water with no accountability and all because of Greed.

People, real sacred living breathing humans are washing up on shores to escape events that the U.S along with other countries are partaking in. The military is doing this and what is the real reason? The actually real reason and has it anything to do with the Holy Spirit? Does it support the Dark or support the LIGHT?

The dark is rising, for, let's say it's last fight, and the light will win. I know this and trust the process. However, I do find ways to take action, pray, intention, physical action, awareness, whistle blowing and more. And it is a fact that, as white Americans for the most part, who pay taxes and support war, well this is our life force, our money, our energy. WE, our military, is part of this? And thus our energy. Making a stand for the LIGHT is crucial in my belief.

Those who choose to join the military, and be a part of this cause is a choice. For me personally I do not believe that our military protects us. I don't believe we are truly, TRULY a free people. And I believe our military is made to and paid to do dark things that oppress other nations, starting with the Indian Nation, and the Spanish that were in America before the white folks were.

Noise pollution from jets, killing people in other country's, underwater testing that affect sea life BADLY, and all this to train and go to other countries and terrorize people? And in the name of protecting us? from What? Babies washing up on our shores? They act as if they are protecting us, but from what. Godliness. ..??

Certainly God, the Great Spirit has no need for soldiers of man to go about judging and killing each other's tribes or staking claim over Mother Earth's resources.

God or even life that is more advanced then us from and on other planets can do big things in an instant. Man thinking they are the ones that are to make these choices, is simply futile in the big picture and seriously oppressive in the small picture, the individual life or local community life.

Why spend billions of dollars needed by people to eat, be warm, clothed and sheltered, to go and protect the interest of big oil, to go and terrorize and displace people in other countries in the alleged name of defending them and their land, yet they are washing up dead on our shores, on Europe's shores.

It is not about the REAL People or they would not be running from us and other countries at war in their land to avoid bombs killing them. They risk drowning to get away from this battle that is nothing to do with the lives of real people, people like us.

Send Love. Send Light. Make a Stand if Only in your Own Thoughts, mind and prayers.

I am for Raising the Consciousness of Mother Earth, and her people. ALL of THEM.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox ~


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