Monday, May 23, 2016

So Odd, they claim God as a Supreme Being but they Trust the Corporation of the United States for their Food and Medicine and NOT this God they claim to love, honor and have Faith in.

They march for cures, give their time and money to causes for cures. When there has always been cures for every ailment. We came to Earth with cures in place. If you fight, fight for the RIGHT to control your own health, body and life, NOT for CURES. Fight the Corporation of the United States that CONTROLS Known Cures and Keeps you sick. Don't FIGHT to Find a Cure that already exists and always has.

We don't need Man to tell us what cures we are ALLOWED to use. Yet people let them rule over them. They claim Faith in the Almighty God but do not use Herbs, God Given Plants, Pure Water, Clean Air, Clean Food as their cure, their lifestyle. Instead they Trust in Man and ignore what God / the Divine / Goddess gave them, and the tools to heal they had all along.

They are RULED by man, by statutes of a corporation called the United States and they Do not ALLOW Divine Law to rule their heart, their life, their business, their relationships or their sacred health.   ~ RCC

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