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The Fabric of Reality Shifted or Overlapped with Other Realities. Many people, a LOT of People experience what they are now calling the Mandela Effect, whereby they remember thing that are just not true in this reality.

I studied the Mandela Effect today, and WOW. What Reality am I in?

I remember Jiffy peanut butter, Oscar Meyer, Charles Schultz,the Berenstein bears, Oreo Double Stuff, Legos, Muhammed Ali's Death, Anheiser Busch, Evil Kneivel, Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops, sketchers, life is like a box of chocolates, Luke - I am your father, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, if you build it they will come and hundreds more of these examples I have found today.

I did not know that they don't exist in the reality that I am in now. It is a very VERY odd feeling as my memory is VERY good.  I did not know they changed and remember them the other way, CLEARLY remember.

Some of the stuff I remember from the now version and some from what is not there. How Odd.

I always say and have for decades, If you build it they will come. It's been a business motto I have used over and over and told to perspective clients, to those looking to build a ministry, a building, businesses and so many other things.

I, and so many I have known have always said mamma always said life is like a box of chocolates. Well according to a video below, check it out at the bottom of the post, those sayings never existed.

I have a photographic memory and can bring up the things that are examples such as the Berenstein Bears and well all of the examples that I am familiar with I can bring up the picture in my mind, my photographic memory.

I thought some of the stuff like Jiffy peanut butter was a brand change, a label change. I did not know that it never existed as I know for certain it did.

Anyway, check out this article and the videos and link below and see what you think.

"The Mandela Effect was first described online in 2010, by a blogger named Fiona Broome. Broome described an experience at a convention called Dragon Con, where she discovered that others had a false memory similar to hers, which was that Nelson Mandela had died during his imprisonment in the 1980s.

See, I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison. I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow.

Then, I found out he was still alive.

Fiona recounted discovering many widely held alternative memories, including those of Star Trek episodes that had never actually existed, and the death of the Reverend Billy Graham.

In 2012, another blogger named Reece, who wrote on the Blogger site Woodbetweenworlds, expressed a similar idea, but this time about the spelling of a popular children’s book series, The Berenstain Bears.

And then I saw the book covers. The ones in the squiggly bubble letters from the childhood. The ones I saw a hundred times a month from the formative ages of 5 to 9. The ones that every 20-something in the world will tell you read “Berenstein Bears”.

Except they don’t read “Berenstein”. They read “Berenstain”.

Reece is a physicist, and he went on to describe a theory of the universe that would account for the Mandela Effect, based on a 4-dimensional universe.

I propose that the universe is a 4-dimensional complex manifold. If you don’t se habla math jargon, that means I propose the 3 space dimensions and the 1 time dimensions are actually in themselves complex, meaning they take values of the form a+ib, part “real” and part “imaginary”.

Within this 4D manifold, there are sixteen hexadectants (like quadrants, but 16 of them), corresponding to whether we consider only the real or imaginary part of each of the four dimensions.

In our particular hexadectant, the three space dimensions are real, and the time dimension is imaginary.

Both the original post by Fiona Broome and by Reece have received hundreds of comments, and the Mandela Effect has received a significant amount of media attention, first by Buzzfeed in 2014 and then by many other media outlets in 2015, including Vice, The Onion A.V. Club, Seventeen Magazine, and WGN-TV. The reddit community /r/mandelaeffect was created in December of 2013, and has since grown to 5,163 readers; this area and the comments section of the Mandela Effect blog are where many users go to share their alternate group memories and seek out new ones.

Some of the most popular false group memories include:

• The death of Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment in the 1980s
• The spelling of the children’s book series “Berenstain Bears” as “Berenstein Bears.”
• The countries of Sri Lanka and New Zealand being located in different places on the planet.
• The number of American states being 51 or 52.

In addition, many users have tried to find proof of past information that would have given them the false memories. They claim that the proof either vindicates their memory as the “correct” version, or that it proves the above theory of the universe."


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Websites and Posts

I remember noting Jiffy changing to Jif, I just thought it was a product change and never once thought that Jiffy did not exist

Nelson Mandela Didn’t Die in Prison, and Why it Matters

"I wonder just how many people have been locked away as insane or been driven insane by a Mandela Effect Event (MEE). A person that experienced a MEE of such a major part of their life or memory did not fit in with this world could in fact lose their mind. You wake up one morning and you find your self living in a different house or driving a different car. Or you live in New York and do not see the Twin Towers. They were there yesterday but you learn all about 9/11 for the first time almost 16 years after it happened. Or it may not be something that big just a hundred small things all at once. How and could the human mind handle this? Or would it fail? I am not saying that every one locked up as insane is a victim of a MEE but I have to wonder how many that are? Even just one would be one too many. To lock up a sane person and treat them as insane would be a torture beyond imagination. It would not be long until they were insane."

Source and very interesting Discussion

What’s Sliding – Your Consciousness, Memories, or Body?

Cynthia Sue Larson




We Live in Multiple Timelines ALL at the Same Time. What timeline or experience we have, based on the potential that is there, is all about our thoughts. Our thoughts create the timelines in which we move into, live in, exist in.

Movies such as Instersteller, the Matrix, Frequency, Tomorrowland and other movies and information regarding many, if not all timelines existing at once and that change in one timeline can effect change in another timeline.

In the Movie Frequency both father and son remember both timelines, the other people involved in their lives and surroundings only remember the one timeline. Interesting things to think about.

Lot's To Think About

#MandelaEffect #SecondEarth

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