Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ALL Trump. ALL the TIME. Like the TRUMAN Show. Every time he SPEAKS there is a MEDIA frenzy to Fact Check his Blather. All the While Hillary is ABOVE the LAW and Can to no Wrong and is above being made to answer REAL QUESTIONS about TRUE Events.

Let's question TRUMP on his policies, his hate, his support of the Iraq War, Dig into every Dumb thing he says, question him on his lame real estate course and his real estate strategies, question him on his stupid comments about foreign policy and every little thing he says. Worry about what TRUMP will do, could do and blathers.

While at the same time BLINDLY, Ignorantly NOT grilling HILLARY on what she has ALREADY done, ignoring Hillary's corruption, don't question her on her support of War and countries that KILL gay people, her support of rapists, her willy nilly email scandal which let the world see her emails as your secretary of state, ignore her domestic violence against bill, ignore the Clinton Cash movie and tons of documentaries, documents, statements, witnesses over decades and don't question her on any of that REAL STUFF that REALLY Does Matter. Instead keep focused on the man behind the curtain hypnotizing the blind and dumb sheeples. Don't DARE to question HILLARY on anything, she is the QUEEN of the DARK. Just let her YAP and wave her parade Queen hand goodbye and don't see anything real from her or fact check her FLAT OUT LIES. Focus on TRUMP and then claim that you are intelligent Free thinking, open minded Democrats who care about the WORLD, people, animals and the environment. Oh and I call BULLSHIT on that.

If you can't READ the FACTS with Decades of Evidence and want to focus on the Blathering Puppeteer controlling you and pushing you to the QUEEN of the DARK then Please Stay away from ME. Don't think of me, friend me or even remember I exist. I do not wish a world that I live with people who are that Addicted to the DARK Cabal Propaganda. Bye Bye.. ~ Reverend Crystal Cox

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