Friday, June 10, 2016

I am a Sovereign Free Will Being.  Check Out the Andrew Bartzis Interview Below

"We have to Look at what the End Means. The End is an Understanding that the Time We are using Right Now ... in the Fraud Time, in this Fraud Reality.  20011 - 2014 represents when their Galatic Ascension Machine is turned OFF and we as Sovereign Individual Beings create our individual Bubble of Sovereign Reality. And begin to Declare our Own RULES which is Time First.  We anchor ourselves in our own expression of connected to the Planet time, where we will no longer use the clocks on the wall.  We will go by a Lunar Time or a Solar Time." "Removing the Branding of Servitude.  Contract Revocation.  And so much more by Andrew Bartzis

I am a Sovereign Free Will Being who definately gets the Fraud.

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