Thursday, June 9, 2016

IF IT BRINGS UP FEAR IN YOU, Delete it, Remove it, Walk Away from It, PERIOD.

Whatever you Believe In, By Into, that is the Version of Life you will live, will be assisting to create and the present and future you will perceive, will live.  It is IMPORTANT that you don't go along with things you don't really believe as you you create that reality for yourself, and you energize their version. Such as the Rapture, Armageddon, and the End of Times. Well it is the End of one Time, the Beginning of another. Those gloom and doom fear based prophesies are in old energy, they are not going to happen. Unless of course you fully believe they will then they will happen to you. They won't happen to me as I don't believe in them, buy into that kind of fear and control over my reality.

The Vibration of Mother Earth is so High Now that there no way Armageddon as prophesied will happen. That marker in time and potential has passed. What you are seeing in Timeline changes is not Rapture as in Fear based Propaganda to make you be slaves to the Dark Cabal.

There is nothing to Fear. Even if we all Die today in Human Form, we live on, so why stress, why buy into other people's version of reality, why not live the life you want, why let the Dark Cabal rule over your thinking, your mind set, your beliefs? Because you wish to not experience some Rapture they created for you to believe in so they could control you? Really.

Well There is No Such Thing as Armageddon or Rapture. There is no such thing as if you don't accept Jesus into your heart you will go to a fire HELL. And even if so, so what, your soul can't feel fire. That is NOT how it works. It is about your mind and the POWER you have to CREATE by your thoughts and what you BELIEVE, what you HOLD TRUE and thereby Manifest.

Jesus came into your Reality to show you YOUR OWN POTENTIAL. Not to be worshipped. To show you what you can do if you only believed you could and STOP letting the church of the times or the tax man control you. Jesus healed people with his hands as can your, he fought for equality, as can you. Jesus did not come to be your God. He Came to be your Example, as you are all Creator Gods.  Believe what is True for You. But you will Never Change the Truth I know for me. NOR will I Ever be Open to your version of Jesus, of God, of the Rapture, Armageddon and such.

Thoughts Create. Words Create. Anything that induces Fear In YOU, is not of God / of Goddess, it is of the Dark Cabal. God is NOT to Be Feared. Death is not to be Feared. Life is not to be Feared. Anything out there that stirs up fear in you and says if you don't do it this way, or worship the God I say then you will burn in hell, you will face some sort of evil, darkness, or negativity. WELL shut that video off, walk away from that person, shut that book, THAT is NOT TRUTH. That is FEAR and is not of a High Vibration. Make no Excuse Just Turn away from it, no matter who is telling you, showing you. There is No Fear in 100% Faith. There is No Fear in 100% Love.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox
   in Love, Faith, High Vibration and Light

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