Sunday, June 5, 2016

If you want to know the TRUTH for you, about anything at all. Check Within. Talk to the God / Goddess inside of YOU. Discern, Decide, then Trust FULLY in you. 

Do not defend yourself, your beliefs to anyone, just live them. Be the living Example of the life you love, the life you want and let other's do the same. Do now Justify your Truth. 

You do not need to make excuses to anyone for who you know yourself to be. Move away from, out of the energy of, those who are not of your vibration. Make no excuses, Explain not, just move out of their energy.

You DO NOT NEED permission from ANYONE to be who you know you are. You do not need to Justify your Actions to Anyone.

You have NO Authority Figure. 

Just be you and Live in your Total Belief System PROUDLY 

Reverend Crystal Cox

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