Monday, June 6, 2016

"Our Nation", "One Nation", "Our Country" "Under Our GOD and not Yours" ; POPPYCOCK.

We are but one person, one being, one human in a world, a system of worlds and universes, that resides in multiple timelines on Earth, and on other Planets and in other Universes.  WE are not separate countries, borders, nations.  We are Universes, Planets, People, Humans, Souls having a Human Experience. PRIDE in SELF is Beautiful and RESPECTING others PRIDE in their self and belief systems is Beautiful.  But My Country is Best, My God is Best. All the Killing and Wars and Word as Weapons simply to say my country is better or this is OUR NATION. That is simply POPPYCOCK and is not of Divinity nor Universal TRUTH.  ~ Reverend Crystal Cox

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