Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Bible has / had to Change, it was not brought to us within the Guidelines of Divine Universal Law.  The Divine Feminine is Rising, the Veil is Lifting, the LIGHT has WON, the DARK is dispersing. We are Cleansing, Healing, and Transitioning into the LIGHT, into Freedom of All of Humanity. 

The Light is Here and the Bible as we knew it was / is Suppressive, Dark, Controlling, Prejudice, Judging, Selective, Elitist, War promoting, Hate promoting, Prejudice, anti-Woman, anti-Goddess, anti-Mother Earth, Human Controlling and Enslaving and suppresses our power through calling our divinity SINFUL.

The LIGHT is HERE, the Dark has LOST and all that is not in alignment with Light and Universal Law is going away. Rejoice in the Light.

The Bible you have always known is NOT the WORD of Light, of Universal Law, of a God of Light.  It is is the Word of mortal Man.  And yes we are all God within, however, to take a Book written by mortal man as your Doctrine and Divine Holy Law and not DISCERN, is not in alignment with Universal Law, nor of a high vibration.

the Bible taken as The "WORD" of God as Translated by MAN, not Woman, not Spirit but only MAN.   Whomever shall so believe in such was under a massive spell of darkness and suppression and controlled by the Dark Reptilian Cabal.  You are Free from that Now and will move Further and Further into the Light.

The Bible as you knew it was translated by man, living mortal man.   It was written after Jesus was in the reality you know, and came here to be a living Example of the potential of all humans and NOT to be Worshipped.

Jesus fought the Oppressive Tax System and Controlling Powers of the Times, he stood for ALL Equally, he did not judge, he walked on water, he did not promote war or say kill in my name, he used hands on healing and much more that later was called dark magic or deemed evil by the Church, by the BIBLE, in which came after Jesus.

The BIBLE made that all forbidden and sinful for humanity, and basically forbid us to follow Jesus's teachings, and they called it the word of God. And convinced us we would burn in HELL if we actually did those things. Burning in HELL is not of the Light and not even a possible reality or timeline anyway. A soul of light burning in HELL, that was created by the Church that created the Bible to Control ALL of Humanity.

The "Church" changed the BIBLE to control us all and now that CONTROL is gone and we are Transitioning to FREEDOM and Equality for ALL as Originally Intended before the Dark Forces took Control over Humanity.

The BIBLE has us Born in Sin. Children of God but born into dark? This is not of the Light.

The "Church", and their BIBLE removed Goddess's from history, from pictures, from ancient church windows, statues and literature. That Darkness is OVER, the LIGHT has WON, and the Divine Feminine is RISING.

The CHURCH used the Bible to torture thousands of Women, of Witches. They were healers, they were acting as Jesus did, they were using herbs and energy to heal, they were Shamans, Oracles, Healers, Comforters. Seers and lived in connection with Earth, they were tortured, burned ALIVE at the stake, in the name of the BIBLE, the False Dark Bible.

The Bible was written by, interpreted by human beings, by men with agendas, with egos, frailties and imperfections. The CONTROLLERS took Goddesses out of the Church, took woman out of equal and powerful roles in humanity and used the Bible as a Doctrine to control, abuse, and suppress women and enslave society, humans as a whole.

The Bible was channeled by Men and interpreted to CONTROL and enslave all of humanity.

The BIBLE was not about Equality, rights for all, Freedom of Humans, or written for us all to have the power over our life as "God" would have intended.

Free Will, we have always had, but it was not able to be exercised fully in accordance with Universal Law as long as the dark controllers were in place. THEY ARE GONE NOW.  They used the Bible to control, abuse, and enslave all of humanity.  They have been removed now, the LIGHT has WON and we are healing, transitioning, cleansing and will then move on to the next GLORIOUS step into the LIGHT.

The BIBLE was not kind, compassionate, nor did equal n rights and respect for all. It was cruel, it was war, it was of the Patriarch, now it is changing because that is the Real Intention of the Creator, of the Light, as per Divine Universal Light and Universal Law.

Jesus was NOT the Only Ascended Master. If you talk to Jesus, keep doing so but do not judge those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, or the Christ Consciousness. And have connections to other Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, Divinity, Fairies, Holy Spirits, Angels, or Archangels, as well as or instead of Jesus.

All our Debts, as in actual money in this system of things, will soon be forgiven, this is literal. We are no longer slaves of the Dark Cabal and Debt, money debt will soon be gone. It was NOT used withing divine law but used by the Dark Cabal to enslave us, sell our birth certificates, indebt and enslave us, without full disclosure and without our Free Will Permission.

The Bible changes you are seeing now in this reality, this timeline, are what is really going on within Divine Universal Laws, of Light and will change more as we cleanse and raise our vibration, our consciousness as a whole.

The Bible has moved more toward TRUTH, Full Disclosure and Light, Plain and Simple. It is Joyous, Beautiful, Amazing, and DIVINE.

the Matrix is the Womb, it is the Cauldron, it is where all is created. It is also where all information, all timelines and possibilities are stored. Some know it as the Akash.

The Changes that have been made are for a divine reason and that reason is the LIGHT has WON and we are cleaning up the dark aftermath.

the Goddess is Alive and Magick is afoot. 

~ Reverend Crystal Cox
Bringing Back Goddess Church

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