Sunday, July 3, 2016

You are NOT Free.

You are NOT allowed to Use Known Cancer Cures or Free Energy. You have Authoritarian Powers over you in your Food Supply, Medicine, and every aspect of your life. You have an authority over driving your car, your health, your lawn, your body, your clothes, your kids, your air, your water, your soil. You are NOT Free to do as you Please. You cannot even use God given plants to cure your DISEASE. You cannot have Free Energy or Tesla Technology. You are kept a Debt Slave.

You pay a third of your income to the U.S Treasury who gives it to the Crown Corporation in the City of London. The U.S is a Corporation owned by D.C, the Vatican and the City of London and has no power over you. And is CERTAINLY not a Country.

Your courts are corrupt. Your Judges are DIRTY and Corrupt and in NO WAY practice constitutional LAW nor abide by the Bill of Rights or anything associated with what you believe to be the original Independence Day.

Your Politics is Corrupt. Your Tax system is Corrupt. You are FED poison in your Water Supply, You Breath poison deliberately put into your air. Your Birth Certificate is YOU being SOLD into DEBT the minute you are born.

Do Your HOMEWORK. You are NOT Living in an Independent Country. You are Debt Slaves of a Corporation that STOLE the land you slave on by genocide in the name of Radical Christianity. They left oppression for Freedom to Live as they wanted and Freedom of Religion and in Jesus Name they MURDERED the Native Americans and FORCED their Religion on them. This is NOTHING to Celebrate nor Worship.

Independence DAY? WHAT? We are not Independent. You are not GOVERNED under constitutional law and have not been since the 1930's. Your POLICE oppress you, harass you, beat you, and kill you and answer to no one.

You Call this Freedom? You Celebrate This? WTF?
Can You not READ or Think INDEPENDENTLY?

Yes have a Great Day off from your Oppressive Slave Job. But Don't worship a Flag nor a Corporation, nor Honor the Slaughter of the Native American Tribes.

God, Goddess, Great Spirit Bless the Native Americans whose land was stolen and were murdered, the Black Slaves who built the land up, and all of us of every race, color and creed who are BLIND and stuck in Slavery of our Oppressors the Corporation of the United States of American and the Crown Corporation.

And So It Is.

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